Important customer information

Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

Revocation-indoctrination for United Kingdom  – As an private ultimate consumer please note the following informations:

If you completed the contract as an ultimate consumer, you can within 14 days after receipt unsay the order . The retraction mustn`t contain reasons. For keeping of a term sufficed a timely despatch. If it`s possible please send it back to us for free or choose a cost-efficient shipping, which we reimburse you the costs.

If the value of goods amounts up to 80 €, the sending back will taken place at the customer`s charge, unless the delivered goods doesn`t corresponding to the orderd goods.

If customers damage or corrupt the things, they have to pay damages. At uses of the things we are authorized to charge an depreciation. This doesn’t apply, when the deterioration is the result of the inspection of the goods -like it could be possible at the retail shop. You can beware to pay the damages, if you don`t treat the things like they were yours and desist all, what could vitiate the value!

In case of return the contract of purchase will be decrepilty.

The retraction and/or the sending back please beam towards to:

34 New House
67-68 Hatton Garden
London EC1N 8JY
United Kingdom
Company Number 913089