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Electroshock power ring 2.000 KV
Small and discreet. It is activated with the palm of the hand to press.



A person suffers a shock when his body becomes part of an electrical circuit, through which the current circulates.

Imagine touching a live element of an electrical appliance with one hand, for example the damaged cord of a toaster.

If your body is not isolated from the ground - and it is very likely that it is not - the current will flow from your hand to the earth, through your body.

Much worse is touching with a hand some element in direct contact with "earth" as taps, water pipes or heating ... while another part of the body is in contact with an element under electrical tension.

In this case the stream finds less difficulty in crossing the body.


The electric fluid manifests itself in various physical forms that can be the source of damage if the human body is in its path.

In the human body, the following effects can occur due to the effect of electrical energy:


Muscular tetanization This concept expresses the cancellation of the capacity of voluntary arousal of the muscles. The muscles are seized and the subject is stuck to the point of contact, unable to release.

Respiratory arrest It is produced when the current circulates from the head to some member, passing through the respiratory nervous center. The paralysis can continue after the accident, hence the need for continuous practice of artificial respiration for several hours.

Asphyxia It appears when the current crosses the thorax. It prevents the contraction of the muscles of the lungs and therefore breathing.

Ventricular fibrillation If, unfortunately, current passes through the heart, so-called ventricular fibrillation occurs, which is a destabilization of the normal heart rhythm. Fibrillation is a very rapid movement of the heart, a kind of completely useless vibration. In this state, the heart does not pump blood, with the consequent risk of death.

Burns are produced by the energy released at the intensity step (Joule effect). The severity of the injury is a function, in equal technical conditions, of the affected organ or part of the body.

The factors that make the electric shock more or less serious, are:

Voltage of the circuit with which it comes into contact.
Electrical resistance of the human body at that moment.
Intensity of the current that passes through the body.
Path that follows the current through the body.
Contact duration

It can be said that the intensity of the current that passes through the body is what "kills", and it depends on the voltage and the resistance of the body.

The current values ​​and their effects are the following:

From 1 to 3 mA: Practically imperceptible. There is no risk.
From 5 to 10 mA: involuntary contractions of muscles and small alterations of the respiratory system.
From 10 to 15 mA: Principle of muscle tetanization, violent and even permanent contractions of the extremities.
From 15 to 30 mA: Violent and even permanent contractions of the ribcage. Alteration of the heart rate.
Greater than 30 mA: Cardiac ventricular fibrillation.



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