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The Piranha Gun Shock USB Stun Gun is a compact 2,000,000 volt Taser, which can also be used to deliver painful blows.

Pocket stun gun
Piranha Pistol Shock USB Stun Gun has a distinctive appearance reminiscent of a compact pistol. The practical size of the device allows people with small hands to use it comfortably and makes it easy to carry.

The stun gun construction includes a contoured grip with a non-slip texture, an enlarged arc, and distinctive metal tips that are used to generate an electric arc and deliver blows.

The Lerk design combined with the pocket size make the device convenient to carry in a pocket or purse.

Proven efficacy
The stun gun works in contact form, impacting the attacker with a very high voltage of 2,000,000 V. The generated impulse has an average current value of less than 10 milliamps, so no permits or registration are required for its purchase and possession.

The stun gun paralyzes the attacker's nervous system, causing painful muscle spasms, a feeling of disorientation, and imbalance.

Depending on the duration of the impulse (up to 5 seconds), the aggressor's nervous system is subjected to a great load, which effectively prevents the attacker from taking coordinated actions.

The effects of the stun gun, depending on the attacker's resistance to pain and physical condition, can last from several to several minutes, giving us time to call for help or move away from the danger zone.

Dual use
Once the battery is depleted, the stun gun can be used to inflict painful blows. This is made possible by the sharp metal tips which, when used correctly, will quickly put off the attacker.

The device is powered by a built-in battery, which is charged via a 2.5mm micro-jack port (USB cable included). This solution reduces the costs of buying new batteries, allows you to conveniently charge the device also in the car or using a power bank.

Security lock
The stun gun has a retractable safety pin with an attached lanyard, which must be attached to the wrist prior to the device's intended use. When the device is removed from our hand, the pin disconnects, rendering the device unable to operate and use against us.

Grip fuse
Activation of the stun gun requires the simultaneous pressing of two buttons: the grip fuse and the "trigger". At the moment of physical contact with the attacker, the device is automatically unlocked under the pressure of the hand. This solution increases efficiency and facilitates defense.

All you have to do is touch the assailant and pull the trigger, the rest is done by the stun gun.

The red LED indicates that the stun gun is on. The simple interface makes operation of the stun gun instinctive, which is especially important in a higher stress situation.


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