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The PHAZZER Enforcer stun gun is a very effective and modern defense device, whose basic task is to incapacitate the attacker with an electric charge fired up to 7.5 meters.


Currently, the complete set includes:
- Phazzer Enforcer stun gun,
- cartridge with electrodes with a range of up to 4.5 m,
- cartridge with electrodes with a range of up to 7.5 m,
- Kydex Blade Tech case with angle adjustment,
- polymer carrying case,
- lithium-ion battery: 2x3.6V / 700mAh
- mains charger: 100V-240V / 50Hz-60Hz / 180mA with an adapter that matches the power outlets in EU countries


Two hooks connected by a thin cable to the electric gun are fired from the cartridge using compressed nitrogen at a speed of approximately 50 m / sec. After hitting the attacker, they stick to their clothes with small hooks and surprise him immediately. The attacker is no longer capable of any aggressive reaction. The electric gun stuns the attacker with electricity for 10 seconds, or until a fuse turns it off. If the attacker tries another attack, we can start the current again by pressing the trigger while we have full control over the aggressor.
The paralyzing gun immediately hits your central nervous system with a voltage of 55,000 V (COOL / DRAGON), leaving no lasting injuries or consequences. The precise strike of the attacker is guaranteed by a laser sight permanently mounted on the stun gun housing, which is automatically activated each time the device is unlocked.
The set we offer includes the American Blade Tech kydex cover that allows you to easily carry the paralyzing gun. The case has the ability to adjust the angle of the device and an adapter that allows the use of the case also by left-handed people.
After firing the cartridges, the device can be used in contact as in the case of a traditional electric gun. When impacting the attacker, the current acts on his peripheral muscles, does not pass to other people during direct contact.
In addition to the laser sight, the PHAZZER stun gun is also equipped with a built-in LED flashlight with a range of up to 45 meters. The stun gun works with a battery located in the handle, charged with a 230V mains charger. The stun gun handle has a rubber coating that provides a secure and comfortable grip and prevents hand slip.



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