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- Pepper Spray Gun Jet Protector JPX

- Incl. integrated laser aiming aid 
- Content 20 ml

- Size about 19 cm

- Range up to 7 meters

- highest accuracy 
- no distraction by crosswind 
- speed of the pepper spray jet: up to 180 m / s 
- operating temperature: -20 degrees to + 60 degrees

- NOT lethal pepper gun

- No shaking before use

- No pressure loss through pyro-drive

- Patented technology

- Acquisition and management without authorization

- International at the authorities

- suitable for right and left-handers


It is a quality product, which is thoroughly tested by the manufacturer. Slight traces of smoke are therefore inevitable.


This over-the-counter pepper spray gun offers you maximum protection. The handling is simple, the device has a great accuracy. The pepper spray gun Jet Protector JPX is a state-of-the-art irritant transfer device of the well known Swiss brand piexon. The simple operation means that the device can be executed quickly and safely even in a dangerous situation.


The magazine is pushed onto the handle and the device is ready for use. There is no loading or clamping necessary. As soon as you pull the trigger, the first charge is fired. The magazine has two loads. After the first charge has been fired, the second charge is automatically charged and ready to fire. After the second launch, a new magazine is needed. Thanks to the special system, no irritant remains in the device, so there is no danger to you when replacing the magazine or the custody, etc. of the pepper spray gun.


Reloading a new magazine is easy and can be done in seconds. A magazine has two loads of 10 ml each.


The pepper spray jet is a liquid jet and is fired at an extremely high speed of up to 180 m / s (this corresponds to a speed of 650km / h). The range is up to 7 m. The pepper spray gun offers you the highest accuracy.


To increase the target safety again, the new model JPX Jet Protector was equipped with an extremely powerful laser. The laser is activated by means of a slide switch below the trigger. Simply push the switch forward, the laser will now light up permanently. To turn it off, simply slide the switch backwards. 

The slide switch is designed so that it can be used by both right and left-handers without restrictions. 

The power supply to the laser unit is provided by 3x LR44 button cell batteries (included in delivery). For initial startup please open the battery compartment below the handle by turning it and remove the yellow tape. This serves to protect against premature discharge of the batteries. Then screw in the battery compartment cover and the laser is ready to use.        


The pepper spray gun Jet Protector JPX may be purchased in Germany as any commercially available pepper spray for animal defense without age restriction (corresponding labeling on the JPX Jet Protector available). No gun license or regulatory registration is required.



Dimensions ......: 190 x 90 x 37 mm 
Weight:   410 g


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Delivery weight: 1,000 g
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