Pepper Spray SABER Red Jet Pocket

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What size or execution?

 - Contents 22.5 ml  
- Size approx. 10 cm

- Range 3 - 4 meters

- Only about 34 g

- On / Off fuse cap


Protect yourself with our Pfefferspray Lady Pink Pocket! The Pfefferspray Lady Pink Pocket is small and handy. It contains 22.5 ml and fits perfectly into every handbag, jacket pocket and glove compartment thanks to its small size and weight of only 34 g. Pfefferspray may be sold in Germany only for the defense of animals. This pepper spray is freely available in Germany, without age restrictions.




Measurements ......:  100 x 20 x 20 mm 
Weight ..:   34 g


Self Defense: In the case of attacks and attacks (self-defense), you can, of course, defend yourself against all that is available to you!

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