Replacement LED HURRICANE pepper spray

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The replacement cartridge for Hurricane Pepper Pro with LED has a volume of 15 ml This item can be used separately or as a spray for a replacement cartridge for pepper spray Hurricane with LED. This small, handy pepper spray is based on the Hurricane defense spray, and containing 15 ml Thanks to its small size it takes up hardly any space and fits perfectly into any handbag, jacket pocket, glove compartment, etc. It is the ideal companion, not just for women. The pepper spray Hurricane has a safety switch that prevents accidental triggering of the spray. Only to counter dangerous animals The pepper spray may be sold in Germany only to repel animals. However, it is used by the German authorities (eg the police) for personal defense. This shows clearly the more reliable protection of pepper over traditional irritants such as CS. Pepper spray is not subject to the German gun laws and the examination requirements, making it freely available.

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